This is SUPER in-depth review of What is Leadsquared? 

It is packed with images and videos for easy analysis. ( In case the videos or images don’t load because of poor internet, please click  over the blank image screen. It will get loaded).

We outrightly feel that Leadsquared is overpriced and it’s not right fit solution for companies having telesales or insidesales.

Listen to my views as inspiration rather than prescription. You can validate my views with Leadsquared sales rep. I am Sudip Samaddar, CEO Imaginesales Solutions.

In this up-to-date review I’ll break down:

  • What is Leadsquared?
  • How Imaginesales is different from Leadsquared?
  • What are the good characteristics of effective lead management?
  • What Leadsquared does? How do you use Leadsquared?
  • Whether or not it’s worth the price tag.
  • Key Features.
  • Things I like.
  • Things I don’t like.
  • Lots more.

Let’s get started.

What Is Leadsquared, Exactly?

Leadsquared is a marketing automation platform principally and a sales crm in the recent past. 

Leadsquared started as a marketing automation tool. As a marketing automation tool they make the marketing processes smarter and more efficient. 

Recently Leadsquared have launched Sales CRM as well. 

Hence now it’s a marketing and sales execution platform. 

Now what?

I’ll break down Leadsquared features in A LOT more depth later on. But I wanted to quickly show you Leadsquared main things before digging into the nitty gritty details.

We clearly feel Leadsquared is overpriced. 3 times expensive.

Let me present my case. I’m CEO of Imaginesales Solutions CRM system.

Never ever assume my views are biased. Take my views as inspiration rather than prescription. You can share my views with Leadsquared sales rep to validate.

You might be comparing few alternatives and might want to know which one will be best for you, without having to try each of them extensively. We strongly recommend you to actually do that. Many people avoid doing it because it’s very time consuming. We have done it for you.

How ImagineSales is different from Leadsquared?

  • Leadsquared focuses more on emails we focus more on calls.
  • Leadsquared is marketing automation plus sales crm, we are telephone dialer plus sales crm.
  • Leadsquared focuses on on field sales rep we focus on inhouse or telesales rep.
  • Leadsquared has 14 days trial, we have 44 days trial.

What are the good characteristics of effective lead management? 

  • It should capture your leads from Facebook ads, Google Ads, Website & etc.
  • It should have automated Lead Distribution.
  • It should have Whatsapp messaging also integrated with it.
  • It can nurture leads from sms as well email as well as whatsapp.
  • It has lead scoring.

How does Leadsquared work?

One of the key features for both Imagine sales & Leadsquared is Lead management.  Integrations with landing pages and Facebook ads as well as your advertised telephone numbers helps to reduce lead leakage to 0.1%. Automating lead capture is a key feature of a CRM system.

Leadsquared crm

Often people ask “is leadsquared a CRM”? Infact leadsquared started its journey as marketing automation software. Later it evolved to be a crm. Imaginesales is one of the leadsquared competitors.

Imaginesales has a slight edge over here. If you want to capture the leads who are calling on your advertised phone number, you have to use cloud telephony companies like Knowlarity, Exotel or Ameyo. That is not the case with Imaginesales. 

Imaginesales has an inbuilt dialer system within the platform. 

Leadsquared team speaks in length of lead scoring. This is a feature they have spoken for ages. Leadsquared proclaims that lead scoring helps you to prioritize on real hot leads. Lead Score is a numeric value associated with a Lead which allows you to measure its relative importance over other leads in the system.  So if a leads opens an email give it 5 points, if a leads downloads a case study give it 9 points etc. So higher the score , better the lead is and hence be called. 

Our belief system in Imaginesales is that lead scoring causes more harm than good. We suggest people to avoid lead scoring. 

Let me present my case. 

  • It makes the telesales team lazy. They are busy watching the lead score. Lead scoring depends a lot over emails. But most of the time email lands on spam or people don’t access email regularly. Hence lead scoring doesn’t work.
  • The purpose of lead score is to measure engagement. Engagement is best measured by time. How long did the customer spend time with the brand? How long did they talk to the salesperson over the phone? So if a customer talks for 15 mins with the salesperson and the salesperson marks the lead as “interested”, the engagement  should be + 15. Imaginesales measures engagement score. It measures the time engagement over email as well as phone. If a prospect talks to a sales person for 10 mins and the salesperson marks it as “not interested”, imaginesales sales crm will take the engagement score as “- 15”. 

Smart Views.

The smart views page lets you access your leads, accounts, activities and tasks at one place. It is a better alternative to a quick filter. Rather than every time filtering the data , you can save the filter that is often used and keep it saved. 

This is a feature where Leadsquared CRM has an edge over us. 

In fact many of our customers have not pushed for it so this got delayed. Definitely since we will come with this feature later, we will be much more useful than them. 

Lead Follow Up Management.

They don’t read the telephone line. If a sales person doesn’t call a lead and mark it as I tried calling but his phone is busy, the crm will show the same in the report. 

In case of Imaginesales we read the telephone lines. So we automatically mark a lead as answered when the prospect answers the call on the other side. The sales team can’t mark it as answered manually until the customer doesn’t answer the phone. In fact the sales person is not required to mark it. Our software will mark it as answered automatically. 

Let me highlight the second gap in the leadsquared crm. You can run around these with leadsquared sales person. Many of our present customers have undergone this exercise. When a salesperson calls a potential buyer and finds the phone busy. Should the salesperson call the lead 30 mins later or next day? It’s clear that more depth and rhythm of sales follow up, the better the sales results. However, the way this is done shouldn’t be left upon the sales rep. 

One rep might call twice and quit. Another might follow up over emails or whatsapp. Without guidance each rep does his or her own thing – either changing the course too frequently or doing what they’ve always done. 

In imaginesales you can create the follow up rules once for the whole team. By now you know that Imaginesales crm reads telephone lines, email lines, sms lines and whats app lines. 

What are the reports that I can get from Leadsquared?

How does that compare with Imaginesales Solutions?

It seems that Leadsquared and us again carry different belief systems , when it comes to sales metrics. 

Let us all admit the fact that if the sales team is able to meet the targets we will not waste time reviewing reports. 

Hence the sales reports should help to achieve sales targets. 

Any company that uses sales reporting appropriately can out think and out compete the competitors. 

There are 5 levels of maturity in data reporting. 

The below dashboard explains it more clearly:

what is leadsquared

The very basic level of report describes what happened? These are called standard reports. The next level of reports is called “Ad hoc reports.”  Most of Leadsquared reports are at this stage. Let me share some reports of Leadsquared below. 

leadsquared phone call by user report

The name of this report in Leadsquared is “Phone calls by User report.

It answers what happened and how many and how often? Is really 8 calls of Aashi good , bad or average. 

The other factor here is the manual data entry. In leadsquared the user feeds the data that he has called 8 leads. He or she can fill this data even by not calling. I am not telling or advocating that our team members are unethical. 

I am just advocating the fact that when you implement a system or technology you want it to be such that it captures the authentic data. Otherwise the report can be misleading. Might be 5 reps are ethical and one is misleading. In such a scenario in the short term , the one who is misleading will have better reports. 

In imaginesales we are reading telephone lines automatically. So we mark a lead as answered automatically as soon as the customer replies your call. Same is with email. 

Let me share another report named : “Activities by user – Historical” report. 

leadsquared activity history

Lead Follow Up Analysis – by owners

leadsquared lead follow up analysis report

We belief that when you check the lead follow up Analysis your objective is this : 

  1. You want to find out the leads that have not been followed ? ( so the report should be what exactly is the problem and not simply the data what is happening?)
  2. Once you get the problem you will want to amend it? 

Let me share the Imaginesales lead follow up stats:

In the leadsquared report it shows Aashi has 6 leads and has 6 leads with activities. This is vague data. 


What if Aashi has 6 activities on one lead and none on others? 

In Imaginesales you get the list of leads. And you could see in each lead how many times the sales rep dialled. Did the customer reply to the calls? How many times did the customer call back? 

With this report the other report of Imaginesales should be used is the task report: 

task management report

Imagine Sales carries forward the ideology that the reports should highlight what exactly is the problem. Check with the next report :

is sales working on leads

activity results vs goals

You can see above the imaginesales activity results vs Activity goals report. 

In leadsquared it shows who made how many calls. In Imaginesales it shows the actual number along with the target of goal set by the team manager. 

We also take into account the variable things like if they have less number of inbound leads this week. 

Yes we do also show what happened data on certain reports, like the above employee phone call report. 

This post will go too long if we go comparing each of the reports.  So we wanted to take a few reports here. 

We keep learning a lot from Leadsquared. 

Just to help you understand, let me educate you with certain key categories of report that Leadsquared has. 

  1. User Activity Reports.
  2. Task Summary Reports.
  3. Phone Call Metrics
  4. Sales & Revenue.
  5. Sales Groupwise Analysis. 

The other catch here is that you don’t get most of these reports in Leadsquared basic plan. 

That’s why we say that they are overpriced.

Now that we have briefed you a lot about leadsquared features, you will want to know about leadsquared pricing.

Their basic plan has very limited features. That makes them expensive. 

Now It’s Your Turn.

So that’s it for my review of Leadsquared.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Have you tried Leadsquared before?

If so, what was your experience with it? Good? Bad? Somewhere in between?

Do you agree or disagree with our belief system? 

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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