Experiment with these Two variables  (x)Segment and (y) Insight until you get 22% positive reply ratio minimum.

Cold Call Pitch A.

So for Credit Cards for Start-Ups (segment) as a medium of short-term cash flow (insight).

Cold Email Pitch A. 


Starting a business and creating a real business is full of uncertainties. Remaining cash positive is #1 Priority. Solving cash problem issues in short-term is too teething because of a scarcity of time.

Quite a few startups have benefited of us. How do we connect?


Cold Call/Email Pitch B.

Credit Cards for Start-Ups ( segment) as a medium of growth. ( Insight).

You have mastered the equation of your customer acquisition over an online advertisement. Your closure cycle is 60 days. You just wish if You could 10X your ad budget now. That is how many startups have been using our credit card. We have facilitated growth.

With each of this Pitch you should now measure the following:

  1. How many people have we dialed or emailed Call Pitch A?
  2. What percentage opened our email or answered our call Call Pitch B?
  3. How many have replied email or answered positively?

This will give you data-driven approach that for this particular segment which insight is resonating.

That is the most scientific way if Predictable Lead Generation. If you are afraid or fearful of segmenting and insights, that is what our platform helps you to do.