Inbound marketing is not going to help with lead generation for emerging companies or companies launching new products. The critical reason is that we have reached a stage of content abundance. On most keywords, there is already a large number of articles. Hence you can’t now write articles for long tail keywords and hold hand in hand waiting for your prospective customers to land and get attracted.  You will have to go outbound. The strategy for outbound content marketing if different.

When you go outbound cold calling or email, spamming is not going to help. Spamming emerges mostly because you apply inbound content development process to outbound prospecting. Have you been cold called in past 6 months? Did you like the experience? Did you learn something? Did you buy the product promoted? It is because your outbound content marketing is not effective.

When an inbound marketer writes, he writes for Google. His inspiration of content idea emerges from Google keyword research. At the individual level, this means creating relevant and useful content to meet the people in the search box and then personalizing communications all along the way throughout the purchase process. When you write content for outbound prospecting the inspiration of content doesn’t come from Google. It rather emerges from the list of people whom this mail will be sent. You then segment this list into various categories. For each category, separate content is written. The telephonic conversations pitch also drive inspiration from these content. Moreover, the outbound prospecting doesn’t imbibe solution selling. In outbound prospecting, the battle is not by what the customer already knows. It is by teaching the prospect what the customer doesn’t know. If the prospect already knows, there is a great chance that he goes on the web and do his research. Hence your tone is argumentative rather than educative.

The limitation of this set of outbound is that you cannot have thousands and thousands of data to the target. In fact, the strength of outbound is in its limitations. When you go outbound you set to target a limited set of accounts. Hence these deals have to be 10X of the deals of an inbound lead. Hence outbound is fishing whales rather than small fish.