Without proper lead source tracking you can not optimize on your lead generation. The job of a marketer is to generate hordes of leads. But that’s only a surface level metric.

You need to dive deeper. When you dive deeper these 4 questions emerge:

  • Are we on track with lead generation?
  • Are We following each Lead?
  • What is the quality of leads from each source?
  • How many converted to business?

Are we on track with Lead Generation?

Lead Source.                                                              Leads to Date.                                                    Percent of Goal.

Organic Search                                                                     135                                                                              54%

Adwords                                                                                 75                                                                                76%

Facebook                                                                               195                                                                                89%


This information is great to say. Whatever is your conversion, if you generate too few leads you will not achieve your targets. If marketing is under delivering on lead goals this month or quarter, you need to identify this early before it’s too late. Do you need to work on landing page or the contact forms? Try to watch the screen recordings of the web visitors of the  landing page. When top of the funnel flow shakes, this will have deep effect in the forthcoming months. Without enough top of the funnel leads, your number of meetings will be at serious risk.

Are We Following each Lead? 

Are the sales rep working on each lead? Let me first define ‘worked leads’. A worked lead is any lead into which sales rep has put effort with a purpose of converting them to real sales opportunity. Worked lead as a metric is a leading indicator for tomorrow pipeline.  At the basic form, this metric measures the amount of effort the sales team is putting in.

Same report format.

Sales Rep Name. Total No. of leads.  # leads with Activity. # of Activities. # Leads with no activity. # Notcontacted

Abhishek                          747                                  90                            360                          20                                 75

Mayank                            215                                  39                             158                           35                                 65

If the sales rep are not creating enough task or forgets to follow up on a task means they are not efficient in following leads. That is what we show in the below report.

Lead Source repoort


What is the Quality of Leads from Each Lead Source? 

When we sales rep calls these leads how many got interested and how many got not interested? How many agreed  for a meeting? This is the real data to proof that ROI of investment on a particular lead sourced.

lead source report

This is where Imaginesales Lead Source report over passes the other lead management software reports like Leadsquared.  You get the call recordings of all the calls that got marked not interested and the calls that got marked interested in separate buckets. You can play these recordings for better coaching.


How many Lead Converted to Business?

Which lead source contributes maximum to the business? This is most last mile metric. Not connecting number of leads to revenue , might end up eluding you. That is what we show the report below as a Dot marked as Won Sentiments.

lead source report

Hope you get into habit of using Lead Source Reports.

Leads are the greatest indicator for future revenue. Without proper lead source reports on ROI of your marketing budget you can’t make a predictable revenue growth plan. We are also open to hear from you. If you have a need or requirement of any specific type of lead source report, we will love to hear.

With those words I will like to wish you good bye for the time being. Whichever software you use, based on my experience I suggest you two things:

  1. Check they have the reports relating to Lead Source.
  2. Get into a habit of using it frequently.