Which lead follow up process will result in more engagement? What to do so that the telesales team or in-house sales team engages more and more potential customers? Their calls or emails are entertained and not avoided. How will that happen? What will be the change that will make this happen?

The shortest answer is trust. We want to buy high-value things from people whom we trust. So how do sales reps or telecallers gain trust? The gain trust by applying Sales Personalisation or hypersegmentation and not automation.

Let’s take an example of selling credit cards. How can personalization help to gain trust among prospects and sell more cards? When you apply Personalization to sell credit Cards, you sell it this way:

” ” Hi. I am Raj. Many of the startup entrepreneurs like you have used credit cards during their initial business creation stage. is this a time I can talk to you?” ( what if I am a startup entrepreneur? Would I move away?)

Another example: “Hi, I am Raj. Quite a few times students like you have been using credit cards as a tool to use during difficult times and their scheduled monthly pocket money is yet on the way.”

Applying personalization in your lead follow up process brings trust among the prospects.

Let me share another analogy. This analogy will help you to justify the lead follow-up process. When you date a girl, to meet her you wear the best dress and apply the best perfume. That is a product. However, when you meet the girl, you appreciate her hair and dresses. That’s engaging messages. Thereafter when she plans to marry, she definitely checks your income and wealth. At this time you have product pitch.

We will no longer sell the Credit cards, English Courses, Travel Plans, Career Courses, Mobile Apps, Real Estate , Insurance, in the same manner. When we apply hyper-segmentation in the lead follow-up process, the prospects open and shares things the way they have been doing with doctors. Prospects respond,”Yes I am interested in talking further and open to share what’s going on in my life and let’s see if we are fit to each other” or “No I am not interested at this moment, please.” Even if they say no, they talk openly to you and sharing why they are not buying. This information can be used for the further hyper segment.

Your prospect will openly talk to you, only when you are applying personalized selling. They openly tell you their truth, then you get a window of opportunity to concisely communicate who you are, what you do, and why people decide to work with you. Hyper Segmentation helps You get more truth from your prospects and you will waste less time.

The problems you face when you apply automation and not sales personalization :

  • Not getting phone calls or emails returned.
  • Prospects are putting you off and you are calling and emailing frequently. How your tone and voice seems needy and even desperate.
  • Deals get stalled or dead, wasting your time and energy on something that you got excited about too early.
  • Process lags on long time and you are last to know where things and when the decision would be made.
  • Because of the fear of losing business you are not able to ask effective questions.
  • You are competing on price with no differentiation and resulting commoditization of your product and service.
  • Mediator or middleman in between calls the shots. They are controlling the deal and you are dependent on them.

The basic reason for this is that the buyer is not trusting you. The new age of sales is hypersegmentation and not automation can be applied to B2C selling as well as B2B world. However, there are certain business models that are not fit to Hyper Segmentation. If your average deal size is not high enough like you are involved in the selling of headsets, you are majorly cross-selling, you are selling to your old partners mostly.

Let’s apply hyper-segmentation to sell English course. In case you are selling the below way, you are old school, and it doesn’t work:

” Hi, Rahul, this is Ruby from XYZ institute. You were interested in an English course. When are you planning to visit our Center.” But if you apply sales Personalization, you do it this way:

” Hi Rahul, I hope …I have not called you at a bad time. (Pause. You seek permission from Rahul to talk further. Of course, you can speak the above lines in Hindi or Hinglish). ”

Rahul : ” haan.. Kaun”

Inside sales: ” Many youths like you residing at Pitampura and Bcom Graduates have been trained by us in the past 10 years. These youths, like Rajiv, has been struggling because of the weak English. I am Ajay from Inlingua. Can we talk now?”

Let’s take more hypersegment. Hypersegments like unemployed youth, Marwari housewife, Marwari Daughter, an Employed youth. Each of the group or hyper segment has different goal or objective for learning English. We have to handle all of these differently.

You can connect with someone. But in your sales follow-ups, it seems at times you are exerting power over someone. Does your lead follow-up process is trying to connect with or over the prospect?