Importance of lead distribution can be derived from the research report. Research studies have found that a web lead if called within 5 minutes; its likelihood of converting to a business engagement increases by 9 times.

We have experienced it repeatedly with us as well as with our clients. So we decided to go to the root reasons for the same. We deeply wanted to know the reasons behind it.

Our findings are listed below:

A. The potential customer has just filled the web form. His mental mood is to talk or ask questions in depth about the things for which he just filled the web form. As time passes by , let us say, 30 mins later, he will move to other task at hand and mood will swing. He will now get into different priorities.

B. Most probably the potential customer is also feeding the enquiry form of other competitors. Thus he will very soon start receiving more calls. Most of these sales people will be almost be asking the same set of questions. By the time the potential customer has answered 5 sales rep, he will get tired and bored answering the same thing again and again. Hence it is seen that after 5 calls, buyer starts ignoring the calls and messages. He stops talking openly.

I am definite that if you are generating leads through digital marketing, you are also experiencing these situations.

In order that sales rep reaches the potential buyer in 5 mins; its important that he gets the lead assigned to him within 1 min.

This is not possible humanly. Or Manually.

Lead Distribution must be automated.

Imaginesales lead management software helps you to capture leads from various sources and automate its lead distribution.

Let me share an example of automated lead distribution. I share a sequence of events.

1st Event : 10:00 AM – Mr.Rajesh filled web form.

2nd Event: 10:01 AM – Mr. Rajesh receives an email & sms.

” Thanks Mr.Rajesh for contacting us. Our team would connect you soon. In case you want

to reach us now; you can call Rajiv @ 8860089620.”

3rd Event: 10:02AM- Rajiv , the sales rep gets a message ” a new lead Mr.Rajesh has landed. Call him now”.

4th Event: 10:03AM- Rajiv gets another message : ” Hi Rajiv you have still not called up Mr.Rajesh, the new web


5th Event: 10:04AM – Rajiv tries calling the web lead through the mobile app of Imaginesales by a single click.

Unfortunately , let’s suppose Mr. Rajesh phone is not reachable.

6th Event: 10:04AM- Software sends an auto message. ” Hi Mr.Rajesh. Our team was trying to reach you but it

seems you were busy. When can we talk?”

So we expect that by now you have got an idea about automated lead distribution and action over it.

We quite often get potential buyers who are comparing us with Leadsquared. Leadsquared is also very popular tool for lead management. They have started the company earlier than us. However there is distinct difference between leadsquared and us.

The industries using leadsquared are from Real Estate, Edtech, Education Finance etc. Most of these industries are heavily dependant on telesales or insidesales.

We at imaginesales feel that leadsquared is not a right fit solution for telesales. This is because they are telephony integrated crm rather than telephony embedded crm. That’s the reason they lack the below mentioned features:

a.) It doesn’t have auto calling feature.

b.) It doesn’t have the functionality to mark a called as answered if it is answered automatically because the telecom sends the signal as answered rather than taking a manually for the user. Manually feeded reports are subjective and can be false. But automated reports are true.

c.) They don’t have both call disposition and call sentiment report. They only have call disposition report.

d.) They can’t have these 3 features all together which is needed at the sales floor: calling the prospective client through a mobile number, recording all the calls 100%; and the crm also tracks Whats app conversation both two and fro. Imaginesales CRM has it.

e) Engagement score. We feel more important than lead score is engagement score. Engagement is the time that the prospect spent with the brand. So if a person had 10 mins telephonic conversation with the sales rep and he is interested his Engagement score should be added by +10. If the potential buyer had 10 mins conversation with the sales rep and he is not interested his engagement score should be reduced by -10. Our clients have found this to be the best engagement score mechanism.

What is the workflow of automated lead distribution in Imaginesales CRM? 

  1. Ability to create the message flow: You would be able to create follow up messages based on the situation. Like when you see a potential buyer is not answering your call, you might want to message him about the same. When the potential buyers fixes an appointment, you might want to remind him about the meeting automatically 3 hours earlier to the meeting.
  2. Ability to send SMS, Email & Whats App: The software ability should be to automatically send as well as receive Sms, email and whatsapp.
  3. Automate reminder to sales rep through messages: A message informing the sales rep that a new lead has landed. A message reminding that he has not followed the new customer yet.
  4. Keep all call recording and message exchange between the customer and sales rep: All the calls should be recorded. All the messages exchange be it through whatsapp or sms should be logged in the crm system. It should be arranged in sequential manner. What message was sent to the customer? When it was sent? What did the customer reply? When?
  5. Complete Lead Tracking: When was the lead created? What was the lead stage? How did the lead moved through the sales funnel?
  6. Reports on which lead source converted better: It can give you a report on how many leads were created from each lead source? What was its cost? How many of them converted? How many did not?

Over to you. 

These are absolutely our feelings and analysis. We belief that lead distribution should be automated with the capability of automated messaging. We think and believe that companies who are investing in lead generation should apply this practise. We might be incorrect for your business.

But I will urge that you should try atleast for 15 days and see does automated lead distribution help your business. You can keep a track of 15 days with automated lead distribution and 15 days with manual distribution.

I also said that how I felt our lead management is better than leadsquared in companies where they have telesales. I will like to invite you all for a 15 days free trial that can help you compare us.