sales team motivation : how to motivate

There is no-brainer in knowing that inspired and motivated sales team will work more and do their work better, resulting in more profits.

However, you can’t plan to keep your team happy by cranking jokes. Business demands happiness along with  hard work.

With Covid 19 pandemic this becomes more eternal with remote teams.

Big spikes of motivation are awesome for doing really hard things – once. For example rescuing your child or starting a new business. But high levels of motivation are unsustainable. High levels of motivation is a temporary surge. Your motivation peaks up and then it comes crashing down. Finally, we end up blaming ourself for not sustaining it.

You would have seen many people take admission in online courses or gyms but can’t continue for long. Such people starts out excited and dedicated but then their motivation wanes out with time.

You might be thinking how to create a long lasting motivation for work among the sales team? Can it be achieved? 

This is a list of 5 super effective tips to keep your sales team motivated.

Indeed you can keep your team inspired and motivated for working through out the day, month after month, quarter after quarter.

Here are ways to motivate your team.

Inspire vs Scolding & Rewarding.

“You get the best effort from others not by lightning a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within them.” said Bob Nelson in detail in the Harvard Business Review.

Have you ever thought why do people what they do? If we’re hungry , we eat; if we’re thirsty , we drink. When we are tired,we sleep. But apart of these basic physical needs , rest whatever we do is to achieve something meaningful in life and desire to be appreciated.

“There are two things people want more than sex and money; recognition and praise” Mary Kay Ash quoted in The Inc.

Sales Motivation Tip: It is possible to create an environment where each and every individual in your organisation is working hard. The key element is shaping such an environment is positive appreciations. That creates an inspiring energy.

Timely Recognition.

” A well timed, I repeat a well timed, memento presented in the right context with sincere words becomes a reward that gives them recognition for a long duration”. Writing in the Entrepreneur further elaborates the fact.

“The way positive reinforcement is carried out is more important than the amount” was suggested by famous behavior psychologist B.F.Skinner explained in Simply Psychology.

According to these principles, behavior that is followed by an appreciation gets repeated. Same way behavior that  gets unpleasant feedback doesn’t get repeated.

Sales Motivation Tip: Sales people involved in  cold calling or following dead leads has to face many rejections. Continuous rejections demotivates us. What if exactly at that moment the manager pats your back saying, ” Don’t feel low. Last week you gave such fantastic results. More than results I am happy that you are feeding in great effort. You will definitely succeed. ” The team member will bounce back to work. Rightly timing appreciations is a goldmine. This is what Imaginesales Solutions gamification module helps you to do at scale.

Frequent Appreciation converts Behaviors into Habits.

“Men and Women want to do a good job, a creative job, and if they are provided the proper environment , they will do so” – Bill Hewlett , Co-founder Hewlett Packard. For further reading you can read on The Best Practice Institute.

Frequent appreciation is commonly seen in successful sales organsations. Frequent appreciation is an often overlooked goldmine. Imagine Sales research team  has seen that appreciating twenty times for a new good behavior makes it a habit.

Once the good behavior becomes a habit, you need not to appreciate it any more to keep up with it.

Events such as celebrating sales quarterly reports doesn’t help to create good habits among team members.

Sales Motivation Tip: If a company goes further in instilling recognition as a daily management practice it can create a sustainable motivating environment. Recognize a new behavior 13 times privately and 7 times publicly will transform the new behavior to a habit.

Practice Informal Recognition. 

Formal rewards are like employee-of-the-month programs. Personal word of thanks for a job well done or recognizing in the staff meeting is called informal rewards

As has been rightly said by Des, Co-Founder of Intercom, ” All behavior – good or bad – can scale.”

Informal rewards that are surprising and not expected can influence a person 10X more and for longer duration than Formal rewards. Moreover formal rewards can go to few selected people only.

Sales Motivation Tip : Bring in a culture of informal rewards. Practice it quiet often. This doesn’t cost money. However, exercising it at scale is a concern as you might be busy in 10 different things. Modern Technology helps you here.

The Designation of Appreciating Manager. 

“Every single person you meet has a sign around his neck that says, ‘Make me feel important.”” detailed further in this Google Books.

The more the status more the effect of the appreciation. This must be used cleverly. 70% appreciations should be from the immediate boss and 30% from super seniors. That way it creates an inspiring environment.

Sales Motivation Tip : Too many appreciation from super senior will make the team want for more appreciation from more senior person. Create a proper mix. There has to be a combination between the individual with most status vs individual with special relationship to the recipient?

Now I’d Like to Hear From You.

I don’t want to further emphasize the importance of frequent appreciation in workplace.

Remember all behaviors good or bad can scale. About 55% of what we do is our habits.

That’s for now my list of favorite sales team motivation tips for now.

Now it’s your turn:

What tip from the list are you going to add to your Sales Management plan?

Which behavior you want to transform as habit for your team?

Or may be you want to change their certain bad habits?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below.