Communicating and following up is the life of salesperson. The frustration is when you don’t get a reply. Often a question pops up in the mind- How to write a follow-up email that gets a reply?

The intention of writing follow up email is to get a reply! But let us understand why people don’t reply emails. I have found the common reasons are :

  1. They are busy.
  2. Your offer is not competitive.
  3. They don’t have a budget.
  4. They have not understood your offer.

So how do you write follow up email to overcome these challenges? Try these tactics for 7 days and share the results with me.

  • Follow them up for reply 5 times in a gap of 3 days.

Let’s imagine today we are on 1st June. You are following with Mr.Rajeev. If you did not get his reply follow him 3 days later that is 3rd June; then 6th June; then 9th June and so on for 5 times. It takes 4 to 5 attempts to get a reply. Keep this discipline. If you want to automate or semi-automate this process, you can use a sales engagement platform.

  • The tone of Follow up Email. 

Mind the language and tone of follow up email. If it appears to your prospect for the email that you are wanting the business more than your prospect want the problem solved- they will ignore you. This is one of the key secrets when you think about how to write a follow-up email. If you are more focused on their money than their problems or in presenting your solution than uncovering true needs and motives of change, you are operating with low intent and control. Emails that are of low intent gets too few replies. You can share your follow up email to get our views.

  • Measure Reply historically.

Without data all the knowledge is theoretical. If my tactics given above is right then data should prove that you are getting more replies. Historically data should prove that you are getting more than 20% reply rate. So store data. That is the only way to improve your follow email quality. Data-driven sales follow up will only be scientific. Otherwise you will waste your time reading ” How to write follow up email” every month.

Do this now.

The way to measure is shown below:

Email 1:

Subject : Can we talk?         14                                60%                   10%

Delivery                        Open              Reply

Let this data accumulate. After 150 email you check if a reply is not less than 25%.

The email content of follow up will differ based on a lead stage. Is it in demo stage? Is it in proposal stage? Also if you are selling high price complex product then your follow up email will be relational. Relational emails are sent in a gap of 2 to 3 days and not every half and hour.

  • Personalized Email and not Robotic.

Marketing automation has done a great job. But people have stopped responding to robotic emails. Emails that appear to be sent by machine. Emails with banners and image.  Email that has things written as from ” mailchimp servers”. People reply to emails that appear to be specifically written for them. Hence to improve the reply rate , personalize your emails.

You can use sales engagement platform to automate & keep the tracking automatically. We can offer you 2 months of free trial and assist you with email templates to be used while following up.