“How do I effectively cold call so that potential customers move closer to us rather than away” a commonly asked question.  The secret to effectively cold call script is Sales personalization.

Let’s take an example. Supposing, I have to sell a Credit card to you. and what if I call you, “Hi, I am raj from XYZ bank. We are from Credit card division. Do you need a credit card?” Absolute nonsense right. Now, let’s apply personalization:

” Hi. I am Raj. Many of the startup entrepreneurs like you have used credit cards during their initial business creation stage. is this a time I can talk to you?” ( what if I am a startup entrepreneur? Would I move away?)

Another example: “Hi, I am Raj. Quite a few times students like you have been using credit cards as a tool to use during difficult times and their scheduled monthly pocket money is yet on the way.”

In fact we all know that it works. But this limits our reach. We can not reach a large number of people in this way.  This is the place technology can help. It can automatically segment the data based on personalization you have created. And then it guides the telecaller what to speak. It reminds to the telecaller what customized pitch to speak. World-renowned companies like Hubspot, Marketo, Infosys are heavily investing in sales acceleration technologies. Sales Acceleration technologies help to improve your lead to closure ratio. We have brought in such technologies within the budget limits of Indian SMEs.

We all would agree with the importance of personalization and downside of mass blasting, mass sms, emails or phone dialers. We have to be personalized in our approach. Sales Personalization is 100 years old and proven techniques of segmentation that can now be used for sales reps as well. You can click here to read cold calling techniques.