What is Call Center Dialer?

A call center dialer is a software program that automates the process of dialing phone numbers. It is often also called auto dialers. 

Research has proven that a call center dialer increases the productivity of the agents by 300%. 

What are the use cases of Call center Dialer?

Call center dialer is often seen as been used for the following use cases:

  1. Lead Generation : Many companies use call center dialer to generate more leads. They buy a database that is relevant to their business and thereafter the process is to call these people in the list asap.
  2. Inbound Lead Generation: Certain industries like education or edtech generate leads through digital marketing. Now the company wants to dial these leads to establish a connect and schedule a demo or appointment. 
  3. Collection: Credit card defaulters or of loan defaulters have to be called to money collection. This is another use case for which  call center dialers are used.
  4. Cross Selling: If you have a large set of customers who are already using your product A. Now your research shows that 45% of people who buy Product A, they also need Product B. In this use case also Call center dialer is used to call more leads. 

In which Industries Call center dialers are heavily used?

The use case of call center dialers have now percolated to newer industries as well. Traditionally it has been used in few industries. With passage of time it is now being used in more and more industries. 

  1. Banks & Financial Institution for selling loans & credit cards.
  2. Banks & Financial Institutions for money recovery.
  3. BPOs.
  4. Insurance.
  5. E-commerce.
  6. Edtech. This is a new one in the list like Simplilearn.
  7. Education.
  8. Property dealers are also new ones in the list.
  9. Software development companies to generate leads. 
  10. Healthcare & Ayurveda. 

New trends in Call Center Dialer Use Cases.

There has been another noteworthy change in the use case Call center dialer. 10 years ago only large companies used call center dialers as this was very expensive. The technology required infrastructure investments. Today the technology has become cheaper. Now even Small and medium size companies also use call center dialer. 

Secondly, earlier in call center , PRI lines ( land lines ) were used majorly. This was not a suitable solution for sales people. Many potential customers don’t answer a call that is landline based. Moreover there are some stringent regulations for DND number calling through landline. Today GSM gateway hardware is widely used by sales people. They can now call through a mobile sim number through a call center dialer. 

Thirdly, now because of GSM Gateway, call center dialer started getting used by sales people heavily. Many of these sales people needed some other features as well. Like Emails, sms & Whats App. Sales person also wanted to have lead management. Modern day Call center dialer have all these capabilities.

Benefits of Call Center Dialer.

The whole concept behind call center dialer is to enable you to do more work in less time. It is an automation engine. 10 years ago it automated dialing. 

Telecallers used to waste time on call waiting, dialing unanswered calls, dialing non-serviceable numbers, calls landing on voicemail. 

Modern day call center dialer automates hosts of other things. It can automate the process of sending messages via emails or sms or Whats app. It can automate the process of leads getting assigned from one stage to another.

More Agent Talk Time.

increase agent talk timeOne of the most crucial benefits of call center solutions is the significant increase of agent talk time as compared to manual dialing scenario. When unnecessary idle time is reduced, agent talk time per hour goes from 15 to 20 mins to 45 to 50 mins per hour.

It reduces the time wasted on call waiting, unanswered calls, dialing non-serviceable numbers or calls landing on voicemails.

Reduction in Wait Time.

reduce wait time

There  are two ways agent idle time can be reduced:

  • Semi-automating the calls: when you semi-automate the calls, though the dialer doesn’t dial the number it opens the people profile page whom you want to dial. Thus thinking about whom to dial next gets eliminated.
  • Predictive Dialing: the agent time will not be wasted on listening to the busy tones, answering machine etc. Modern technology enables the call center solutions system to recognize these elements and skip those and only answered calls are routed to the agents.

Calls/Emails/SMS/Whatsapp at the same place saves time.

email, whatsapp & sms at the same place

Now you can send SMS & Whats APP and Email message from the CRM apart from Calls.  This is a couple of advantages:

  • Now if the manager wants to audit what message (sms, Whats app or email)was sent and what did the customer replied, they can do that. Earlier it used to reside in the sales rep mobile. Now it will reside in the CRM as well in a sequential manner.

Now the CRM can send an auto message ( sms, Whats app or Email).  Like if you had called a fresh lead named Mr. Praveen and he did not answer your call, the system can send an auto message: ” Hi Mr.Praveen, this is Sudip Samaddar from ImagineSales Technologies. I just tried calling you now. You were not reachable. When can We talk?”

Live Monitoring.

lice call studioModern call center dialer Technology enables you with live monitoring. Wherever you are around the globe you can monitor who is doing what now? How long is she on break? How long is she on call? With whom is she talking? You can also barge-in and hear the call? 

You can monitor your team through your mobile device.

Task Management.

Task Management

Modern Technology does these 3 things to make task management simple:

  • ImagineSales Technologies creates tasks automatically.
  • Imaginesales reminds the salespeople with a screen pop up at the time of task reminder.
  • Imaginesales call center solutions can automatically dial or email at the time when the task is due.

Lead Management.

call center dialer

Generating inbound leads is time consuming & money draining. If sales doesn’t handle leads effectively that’s sheer loss. A lead management software can help develop the good habits of lead management among the team.


3rd Party Integration ( Facebook Ads & Google Ads)

3rd party integration

Directly import leads from Facebook ads or Google ads into the dialer. This brings following benefits:

  1. You can automate the first message to a new lead. 
  2. Automatically assign leads to a sales person.
  3. Automatically create a task for the salesperson to follow up. 
  4. Lead Source report that shows the ROI of each marketing dollar. 

Centralized Reporting.


Research has proven that even mature people face poor productivity if they are not evaluated. Reports & numbers motivates the top performers. 

Call center dialer facilitates with reports around agent productivity management, marketing dollar ROI, Lead Funnel report, Forecast business, Pipeline Management. 

Read this blog post that describes how a reporting system can help you to achieve revenue targets.

Gamification keeps the entire team motivated.

gamificationWe are what depends on our habits. The team with good habits has a great chance of winning even if many other things are not in favor with the team. 

Telling a person to work hard , will make him work hard only for a day or two. Science has proven that when a person has just started learning a new behavior , you should praise him 30 times before that new behavior becomes a habit. The Gamification module of call center Dialer helps you to create good habits among the team.

Types of Call Center Dialer.

There are 3 types of Dialer:

  1. Predictive. 
  2. Progressive.
  3. Preview.
  4. Voice Blast.

In Predictive Dialing, the system automatically dials the numbers in the list. As soon as the call is answered by the customer, the call is connected with an agent. This saves the agents time waste that goes in dialing one after another and hearing the ring tones. It increases the talk time by 200%.

In Progressive Dialing, the agent is already active on the line before a call is dialed. The agent initiates the calling session and when a call is connected, he answers the call. Since the agent is already live in his dialing scenario, there is no case of call abandonment. Whereas in Predictive Dialing often there are few call abandonment.

In Preview Dialing, the software doesn’t dial the number automatically. It just opens the next lead page to be dialed in front of the sales person. The sales person does his necessary research and then he clicks on the dial button and the call goes. 

Difference between Progressive & Predictive Dialing.

  1. In Predictive dialing the telecaller doesn’t hear the ringtone of call ringing. The call gets transferred to the telecaller only when the proposed customer answers the call and says “hello.” Whereas in progressive dialing the telecaller listens to the ringtone as well. 
  2. In Predictive dialing you can alot two  or more sims or DIDs to dial. Which means if you have a telecaller named Ajay. You want that at the same time two sims should dial phone numbers for Ajay. As soon as a customer answers a call from any one of the SIM, the other sim should stop dialing. Once the conversation is complete , both the sims should start calling again. In Progressive dialing you have only one SIM allotted to the telecaller.

Which dialing method is good?

It depends on your business model. I have explained a few variables below. 

  1. If you sell low value products you will prefer a great degree of automated calls. Might be predictive. Someone selling products worth 5000/- will prefer predictive dialing. Where as if another company has a product worth 5 lacs, he will want preview dialing. 
  2. On a qualified data source you will want the least degree of automated calling. So if you advertise on Google adwords, you won’t want to do predictive dialing on them.  You might want Progressive dialing. 

What is the dialer setup for a call center?

call center dialer set up


For India Based Calls.

domestic calling


When you are dialing withing India VoiP is not allowed.

If you are calling within India. In India Voice Over IP is not allowed. So there are 3 options for Auto Dialing:

  1. Mobile App Based Calls.
  2. GSM Auto Dialer.
  3. PRI Based Calls. 

Mobile App Based Call Center Dialer.

Mobile based calling

This is the most cheapest option is Mobile App. The reason being it does not require any infrastructure like PRI card or GSM gateway or Desktop. Just from the smartphone, you can start.

If you have more questions relating to Mobile App based Auto Dialer, scroll down book 15 days call center dialer free trial. We can answer all your questions and show you a demo for further clarity.

GSM Auto Dialer.

GSm gateway

There are a few limitations of mobile app-based calls that is not there in GSM-based calls. GSM based Auto dialer also enables you to call from the mobile SIMs. But the mobile app doesn’t track inbound calls very accurately. It also doesn’t record all the calls. GSM based dialer also has auto SMS and auto email and email tracking. The mobile app doesn’t allow Call Barge-in and Whisper whereas GSM allows you to do that.

If you have more questions relating to GSM-based Auto Dialer, book free trial now. We can answer all your questions and show you a demo for further clarity.


PRI Based Calling.

PRI based calling also has two options. One is on premise PRI and other is Cloud. This technology is heavily used for accepting incoming calls. This is not good for outbound calls.

The greatest disadvantage of PRI based calls is that these are landline number based calls. People don’t pick up landline calls so easily. They rather pick up mobile number based calls.

Secondly, this set up is good only if you have 30 telesales. PRI line has 30 Channels. Hence this investment is worthy if you have a minimum of 30 telesales.

Third you can’t dial DND numbers.

But for managing inbound calls, PRI is amazing.

Call Center Dialer Price.

How are call center dialers priced? It has number of variables.

  • The number of telecallers you have.
  • Would you be calling via GSM gateway or PRI.
  • Would you be using Cloud option.

The philosophy behind call center dialer price is dependent on the market segment you are targeting. Are you after large enterprise customers or small and medium business.