Call Center Dialer Pricing Thesis 

Call center dialer pricing has the same thesis as any other software. Just that very few people understand the pricing thesis of software companies. 

“Why do I need to know the pricing ideology?”

If you understand the thesis of call center dialer price in india, you will be able to comprehend the best solution provider. 

Selecting the software vendor will be perfect. 

You will understand based on your budget which is the most relevant provider. 

Software adoption chokes a large amount of time. It costs more than the software cost. 

You change your company flow and process to suit the software flow. You train people on the software. 

And then it goes to waste and you have to redo the whole thing again. 

What is the pricing thesis for Software’s?

In any market there are 3 categories of customers.

  1. Small Customers.
  2. Medium market Customers.
  3. Large Enterprise Customers.

Each of these segments have different sets of requirements. Small customers need a simple and touchless product. They are not at all technology savvy. 

Medium level customers need a solution that is all in one. This category of product requires a fair amount of setup and education to work. 

Large enterprise customers value security , customization and scale.

Let me present with an example.

Let’s take the email marketing space. 

call center dialer pricing

If you remove the outer layer of features at the core all of these 3 products have the same core feature : to send emails automatically and track. 

However, Mailchimp is very simple to use. Hubspot has an onboarding team. Marketo is too detailed.

Any vendor whose customer acquisition strategy is miss aligned to product features should be avoided. 

The product company will not be able to support you. 

You will be struggling. 

What if mailchimp signs a Medium size company? The customer will not get face to face training. They would neither get product features that a medium level company wants. 

The customer will repeatedly ask for features that the software company can’t provide or ship. 

You might be thinking that why mailchimp can’t support the way Hubspot can. The difference in size of the company. 

Hubspot needs a lot more people to run the company than mailchimp. 

This trend is prevalent in all industries. 

Let me share another example: 

call center cost comparison with ecommerce industry

Now let me take you to call center dialer pricing. 

When we deep dived into this segment in India we found this gap. We found that the medium level customers are not served properly. 

Small customers were taken care of by Knowlarity. 

Large set of customers is being served by Ameyo & C-zentrix. 

No strategic vendor in the medium space. 

That is why you will find that innovation at the medium segment when compared to the other two segments.

Knowlarity is a very innovative company. Same is with Ameyo. 

The market you focus on will determine the way you should price. 

That leads 4 sets of fits for a company:

  1. Market & Product fit.
  2. Product & Channel Fit.
  3. Channel & Business Pricing fit. 
  4. Business pricing & market fit. 


Medium level customers for call center dialer should check if the solution is all in one. 

Does it have full fledged CRM capabilities as well as that of a dialer?

Does it have a strong Business Intelligence category of reporting? 

How smooth and perfect is their customer onboarding and training process? 

Do they have training manuals? 

Imaginesales dialer free trial can stand handy here. You get a first hand experience. It also makes the evaluation of other software easy. 

Imaginesales call center dialer price is done targeting the medium level companies.