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Sales Dialer Analytics

” What you don’t measure, you can never improve.”

For any CEO or Revenue heads, today technology has enabled easier data capture and better analytics. However senior executives don’t have enough time. They don’t want reports. They want Business Intelligence with no more extra admin or IT. Excel reports don’t help you with decision making, but charts and graphs help you to do that in seconds. With that mindset, we asked the most important sales intelligence that senior executives demand. We came across these two questions repeatedly asked by the senior business executives.

  1. Are my people working hard enough?
  2. Are they efficient enough?

This metric helps you identify which of the caller is falling short of their activity goals. How has been the activity trend in the past 30 days or 90 days? How much time was invested in calls and what was invested in conversations?

In this report, we capture the efficiency of a sales rep. Let me explain how we are showing this data.  Let’s say a salesperson named Ajay calls or emails 10 times to get once lead. So 10 calls = 1 lead and the other person John does 20 calls to get 1 lead.

So the efficiency of Ajay is 0.1 lead per call and of John is 0.05.

Why you need it? 

Activities report are important. A raw number of activities. But if these activities are not converting into opportunities & deals, what is the point? Looking at activity coupled with activity effectiveness is a certain way to manage future revenue. This report helps you to quickly identify salesperson who is not performing these activities effectively. Like in the above report, named changed Komal was in low performance in the month of May. When we deep-dived we found she has been struggling to engage the prospect. We identified it by looking into the next report. Your scenario might be absolutely different. But looking at efficiency score helps.


Like the above example, we explained to you about Komal situation. In fact, we moved into this report to see how many positive conversations she was having. Is it increasing or decreasing? That gave us the feedback that she was not able to engage the prospect over the phone.

Which is the best lead source? Which lead source has most leads converting? These are insights of use to the marketing team. It helps them to get more leads

These are few of the sample dashboards. Most of the senior executives want to have drill down reports. Drill down graphical reports helps senior executives to take faster decisions.

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