What is an Auto Dialer Software?

An auto dialer software is a program that automates the process of dialing phone numbers.  Research has proven that auto dialers increase the productivity of agents by 300%.

In India the history of automated dialer were built for support call centers. At first India had many call centers to handle inbound calls. Primarily they were meant for support calls. Latter their usage also moved to the uses of a telesales.If you are planning to get more admissions for your institute, or sell more ayurvedic products, or sell more flats, you need sales dialer.

When should you think of investing on auto dialer? 

When you experience declining sales productivity.

Without proper dialer software most of the companies are struggling with poor telesales productivity. A huge portion of time is wasted. According to our Research in Delhi & NCR , we have seen that telesales or inside sales spends between 34% to 55% time actually telecalling.

As per Imaginesales Research the major reason for the unproductivity of telesales is ” distractions.”

Today we live in a world full of distraction. Whatsapp notifications, Facebook notifications, smartphones, Tiktok and gossip and sharing the social media videos.

Product required undistracted focus.

This is a major challenge in modern day office.

An auto call dialer resolves this problem.

The idle solution for such distractions needs 3 steps:

  1. Listing down tasks that will deliver that will deliver the business outcome.
  2. Scheduling those tasks or blocking time for those tasks.
  3. Being disciplined in completing those tasks.

An auto dialer can build such culture in your company.

A culture of accountability, proactiveness and disciplined.

It is this culture that leads to enhanced productivity.

Can an outbound dialer bring high performance culture in the company? 

Yes, exactly.

It has done for several of our clients. You can refer to this case study.

One of the key attribute of a productive team is Accountability. So if you are planning to do something today & then you deviate from the plan & still then you don’t hold yourself accountable. That’s a mark of unproductive team . The best auto dialers helps to make each and every team member accountable.

The second attribute is being Proactive and not reactive. Being reactive you will get defocused to notifications and disturbances. That will often lead to deviate from the plan.

The third attribute is a strong desire to succeed. The great thing of this is that more we succeed in a thing , more get hungry of it.

That’s what modern outbound dialer helps to achieve.

What are the different types of Auto Dialer Software for Call Center?

Most commonly used automatic dialers are:

  • Gsm Auto Dialer.
  • Mobile Dialer.
  • PRI based Dialer.
  • Cloud Telephony.

Dialer setup for call center


If you are planning to set up a domestic call center for outbound call center then GSM dialer and Mobile App based dialer is better than PRI based calls.

Cloud Telephony also uses PRI Lines.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. PRI calls are through a landline number. Most customers don’t answer a landline based calls.
  2. If a DND user complains, the whole 30 channel PRI line will get disconnected.
  3. Prospective buyers don’t save a landline number rather a Mobile number.
  4. Modern day most communication moves to Whatsapp. Hence ultimately the communication moves from a landline number to mobile number.

What is Cloud Telephony?

In Cloud Telephony solution you are not required to install PBX at your office. In fact the PBX is hosted at the 3rd party outside the office.

They use PRI lines or regular telecom lines to connect the caller to the called person. They don’t use internet in between.

They use two telephone lines to dial a number. Say I am want to dial Ajay. When I click on Ajay’s number in the Cloud crm software, cloud telephone PRI line will use one telephone line to dial Ajay and second telephone line to dial me and then patch these two calls.

Same way it manages the inbound calls.

That’s the reason even incoming calls are charged and outbound calls are charged double the rate.

So when you call through whatsapp the entire call is on internet.

Indian Cloud telephony company can’t use voip. They have to use PRI lines.

As you decide to use Cloud Telephony, you should understand the concept of virtual number.

Every PRI line has 30 Channels and 100 DIDs.

Let me explain you with an simple example.

Imagine it as 30 water pipes with 100 water taps. At the same time only 30 people can get water from the taps. So if already 30 users have kept the water tap on, even when the 31st user switches the water tap on, he doesn’t receive water. This is because there are only 30 water pipes at the back-end.

100 water taps means 100 DIDs ( telephone number). The advantage is that the 31st user need not to run around with the bucket to fill water to somewhere else. He will just wait and as soon as any of the user stops his water tap, the 31st user can now fill the water sitting at his own place.

These 100 DIDs are often called as virtual number.

Another example to help you explain DIDs.

I hope you could recall back 10 years ago , there were many large offices who advertised their phone numbers as series as : 011-2345760,61,62,63,64.

All of these are a series of numbers called as DIDs.

These are called as virtual numbers.

So when you sign up with cloud telephony company , they assign you a virtual number.

When you dial a customer using cloud telephony, what number does the customer can see on his mobile screen?

When you sign up for Ozonetel, they will assign you a DID number of PRI. Suppose they assigned you 08023456073. (Bangalore PRI number)

So whenever you click to call, your mobile dials the Ozonetel PRI number say 08023456074. Please note its 74 & not 73. At the same time “73” number dials the customer and when the customer answers the call, both the calls are patched.

So customer will see the number : 08023456073 on his mobile screen.

Why Cloud telephony is not appropriate solution for outbound calling?

  • A mobile sim with 300/- rupees recharge will have unlimited calling. In cloud telephony same amount of calling will need a telephone bill of 20000/-. I repeat its more than twenty thousands.
  • Cloud telephony will not allow to call on DND numbers. More than 50% of Indian numbers are DND.
  • Customer has to save your two numbers. One for Whatsapp and other is the virtual number.
  • If the customer has saved your whatsapp number ( which mostly means your mobile number) why will you call on your virtual number.

Not only that. Cloud telephony solution is not a complete solution.

Why do we say that Cloud Telephony is not a complete solution? 

Cloud telephony solutions are point to point solution telephony concerns only. They are not a complete solution.

A complete solution is one that has both telephony as well as very advanced CRM functionalities as well.

Functionalities like :

  • Lead Management.
  • Task management.
  • Email & Sms two way message integration.
  • Whatsapp two way message integration.
  • Workflow automation rules.
  • Landing page integration with Facebook & Google.

What is the mobile call center solution?

The advantage of mobile call center solution is that you don’t need any infrastructure. You just need android phone. Imaginesales has one of the best mobile call center solution. We self proclaim this because of the following:

  • We have complete crm system as mobile app.
  • We have inbound and outbound call recording.
  • We have mobile task management.
  • We have live scoreboard. So the manager can see real time live from anywhere across the world who is doing what, now.

Mobile based calling

How does the Automated Dialing happens through the mobile app?

The below video will help you understand the flow of the telecalling software:

How does Gsm auto dialer function?

The infrastructure needed for gsm gateway is :

  • Desktop or laptop.
  • Headsets.
  • Gsm gateway.

GSm gateway

This is how a gsm gateway looks like. GSM gateway is a device that is EPABX for mobile sims. The mobile sims goes inside the gsm gateway and and through a local server it gets connected to your desktop. So now telesales can make outbound calls or receive inbound calls through the desktop or laptop.

The below video explains the predictive dialing using the GSM gateway.

What are the industries heavily adopting auto dialer software?

The usage of automated dialers is percolating many industries. Any industry which depends on telecalling is moving to the adoption of these call center software. The reason being earlier they had to invest on two technologies: one was CRM and other was dialer software. Now they have to buy only dialer software.

Modern autodialers have very advanced CRM. The crm capabilities of these modern dialer software is no less than Zoho crm or Leadsquared or Freshsales.

Few of the industries where auto dialer adoption is deep is :

  • Edtech.
  • Property.
  • Coaching Institutes.
  • MBA Colleges.
  • Insurance.
  • E-commerce.
  • Healthcare.
  • Banking.
  • Schools

What are the use cases that is solved by an Auto Dialer Software?

The most common uses cases are as follows:

  • Your company is advertising and generating online leads. Now these leads are handed over to inside sales or telesales to get closure. Thus the purpose to automatic dialer here is to increase lead to closure ratio.
  • Your company procures large set of data and you are cold calling to generate leads. The purpose of autodialler here is lead generation.
  • You have advertised your number and you are receiving inbound calls.

What are the types of dialing & their benefits?

  1. Predictive
  2. Progressive.
  3. Preview.
  4. Voice blast.

In Predictive Dialer, the system automatically dials the numbers in the list. As soon as the call is answered by the customer, the call is connected with an agent. This saves the agents time waste that goes in dialing one after another and hearing the ring tones. It increases the talk time by 200%. Here for each agents you can a lot more than one mobile sim to dial. So for one agent the system can dial two numbers at the same time. In progressive dialer also the software dials the numbers automatically, but it does one number at a time.

Generally if you are selling a product that’s priced below 50K and you have large set of data ( 1 lac data per rep per 6 months) then predictive dialing is good.

If your data is qualified data might be through digital marketing , then predictive dialing is absolute no no. 

What if my business model involves Whatsapp message as well other modes of communication?

Modern auto dialer software for call center is omnichannel. It has email, sms , Whatsapp, integration. It has two way message integration.

Refer to the image below:

Auto dialer

You have two way communication stored with a time sequence. What message the sales rep sent and what did the customer reply and at what time?

Same way for sms as well as shown in the below image:

auto dialer software for call center

It also keeps a log of all the telephonic conversation between the sales rep and the customer.

dialer software

How does an Auto Dialer Software ensures performance management?

Let’s look into the mathematical formula of managing activities of telecaller in a manner that leads to higher revenue.

call center performance management software

So the first simple factor is that, if the amount of activities goes down the productivity declines. Hence the below report comes very handy.

Reports like :

  • Number of calls made against the target set.
  • Number of calls vs talk time.
  • Call disposition report.
  • Call sentiment report.
  • Number of Meetings Scheduled report.

The below video gives you an idea about type of reports an Auto Dialer Software can provide.

How is Imaginesales Dialer different from Ameyo Dialer?

We accept Ameyo dialer as our elder brother. Rather great grandfather. They are amazing software and inspiration to us. The difference is our focus.

Ameyo targets and fascinates to target large enterprises. Their website talks of clients who are India renwoned. In fact their sales people feel ashamed closing small and medium business. This was exactly an opportunity for us. Our testimonials and case studies all talks about small and medium business.

Small & Medium customers have almost the similar requirements in an auto dialer software as that of Large enterprises , just that it lacks scale and budget.

Thus our organisation is geared around serving small and medium business which Ameyo dialer is not. For example we insist free auto dialer trial of 7 days. Others discourage this. They see its too much effort for too small a money.

At this juncture let introduce you to Imaginesales team. The below video visualizes from how we look to what is our belief system and what does our customers speak about us.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Cash management is a great art and demands constant focus among the entrepreneurs and businessmen. Hence there should should be sharp and deep focus on activities. Are activities converting to revenue?

On giant projector screen of your minds – imagine a brilliantly clear , superbly detailed account of yourself paying off all your bills , laughing as dash of checks to your creditors leaning back in your big leather chair, throwing your feet up on your desk, enjoying a debt free piles of cash in the bank lifestyle.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

We know it because we are no different from you in goal setting.

But achieving such a lifestyle will demand constant focus on productivity management of telesales.

Why don’t you try scheduling a demo and share the questions you have unanswered? How about using our auto dialer free trial? How about comparing us with others during the trial?

This is definite that whether through us or of others, investment over auto dialer software will payback through productivity enhancement.

Either way , let me know by leaving a comment below right now.