Are you struggling to increase the number of enrollments to your school? Private schools that fail to attract enrollments will not be able to provide quality education ultimately. 

The problem is that most admission managers hustle like crazy – but the enrollment numbers quickly fade to very miserable numbers. 

It’s not about working harder. 

It’s not about a magical tactic.

It’s simply about systematizing the marketing ideas of the school. 

In this actionable tutorial , we will talk of how to systematize, automate and scale your marketing to increase admissions. 

In the post I’ll share with you EXACTLY the ideas to promote school.

Let’s dive in. 

  • Step #1: List down 5 to 10 Admission Aware Keywords.
  • Step #2: Process to create the Google Ads.
  • Step #3: Process to create Remarkable Landing Pages. 
  • Step #4:Watch what the web visitors are doing on the landing page. 
  • Step #5: Measure the conversion by keywords.
  • Step #6: Within a radius of 10Kms run display ad on all who visit Whitehat Junior. 
  • Step #7: Within a radius of 10Kms run display ads on all who visit your competition schools.
  • Step #8: Organize Shakespeare plays & record and run Youtube ads. 
  • Step #9: List down the Gmail id present parents & run ads on similar audiences.
  • Step #11: Run remarketing Youtube video ads. 
  • Step #10: Create a List of solution aware and problem aware keywords. 
  • Step #11: Start doing SEO on these keywords.