Scientific , systematic and process driven sales.

The most common available technologies in sales is CRM. When we looked at the CRM, we could see that it is system of records and not system of actions. We deeply felt the need of a Sales engagement platform that doesn’t replace CRM but it sits over it and fills the gap areas.

Imagine sales is built around one idea. Help client run sales, the ways sales should be. Consistent, Persona based, Optimized and Intelligence driven. Using technology and smart workflow to elevate the effectiveness of sales reps. And all this in a Software as a service (SaaS) package that gets you started with email and phone based sales lead generation without the hassle of software setup and maintenance.

We aspire to be #1 Sales Engagement platform empowering the Medium and Small Businesses. The common problems that plague the sales teams like leads falling from the cracks, forgetting to follow up, and prospects are not engaging get eliminated with Imagine Sales. As a sales rep you need to do high quality as well as high quantity follow ups. Imagine Sales Platform Helps you to balance both.