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Imagine sales engagement platform holds the hands of the sales rep throughout the day, guiding them what to do, when to do, and what not do. It brings the power of automation, intelligence rule engines, content scoring and Lead scoring at one place.


Stay on Top of each Lead

Stay on the top of each lead by automatically creating reminders about when to follow up; whom to follow up and how to follow up. No follow up is missed.

Right Selling Activities

Only 49% of sales organisation is able to implement step-by-step process.This is a platform of action; automating the workflow that reminds the salespeople to be best version of themselves.

Saves Time

All the activities that sales people do, gets automatically synced into the crm. There is no time wastage for manual feeding. It also creates tasks automatically and syncs into the CRM. Thus no time wastage.

Predictable Revenue

Create a sales machine that helps to grow predictably. Automation rules backed with data enables the moving of prospect down the sales to funnel Algorithmic. Make sales scientific rather than artistic.

Improve Sales Follow Up

The system facilitates the type of analytics that you could not have imagined earlier. This helps you to determine what is working and what is not ..thus act accordingly.

Content Scoring

The system has taken the template module to next level. We help you score the email contents. Which content has performed and which has been failing. This insight helps you to produce more contents that has been repeating results.

Complete Communication Platform

The system brings email & phone to one place. The system enables calls from the same platform. It records calls for coaching as well as allows the manager to join in live calls.

Improve Prospect Engagement

Great sales team have a core philosophy of continual improvement. There is always a way to improve. Maintaining a culture of experimentation is good way to foster continual improvement. A/B testing feature helps you do that.


Prospect Engagement Status Automation

How many of my leads are Cold? Whom all we are knocking now? Who have all replied? Who has not been contacted? Get the engagement status automatically.


Create Lead Follow Up Rules

It’s clear that more depth & rhythm of follow-up, the better sales results. However, the way this is done should not be left to individual reps. Manager can configure the follow up rules in the system.

Powerful Rule Engine

It helps to change the status of lead engagement based on specified actions, like replied or call answered. The Rule engine also helps to automatically assign contacts to different campaigns. You called a fresh lead and he showed interest. The lead moves to interested lead follow up campaign.


SYNC Engine

The system has Gold standard sync with your CRM.  The technology enables Automatically sync fields, status, automatically create lead, contact records between Salesforce and Imagine Sales. Activity Sync enables to Log all sent and received emails. Create custom call outcomes and automatically log completed calls. Push to Imagine Sales. Select Leads or Contacts from Salesforce list views and push them to Imagine sales with one-click, for targeted outbound.

User Management

Admin can now manage its team. Deciding the roles of each individual, their rights, their international virtual number etc. As the team members leave or change, their corresponding roles ..all from one window.


Auto Logging of Task

On an average a sales reps managing 100 leads , following a lead 7 times & systematically updating tasks in CRM system means feeding in 2000 data in the activity columns in the CRM. Our sales engagement platform enables auto logging of 8 aspects pertaining to each sales activity into the CRM automatically.

A/B Testing

In order to understand how your change is impacting the results, the system divides the total number of prospects for the test into equal amounts. This helps you understand scientifically how the change is impacting. The system tracks and stores email open and click and reply in a thoughtful design. The system enables to run multiple tests and an extended period of time and thus see in practice what really works with the target audience.


Automation Rules

Automation Rules will help to create rules to execute any repetitive process that you would normally have to do manually. The advanced technology helps reps to focus more on execution & less on process management.


Communicating is the lifeline of sales people. Profiling helps you to segment your prospects into whatever way you want. You want Vp sales from the software industry residing in North America as a segement ..possible. You want a Bcom grad wanting for MBA admission from Gujrat who has scored above 75% .. possible.


Auto Calls

Dialing prospects made easy. No manual effort in dialing each number. The system dials one after another ..If you want.If not you can do click to call. All this from your Crm system without any need of excel sheet.

Conditional Variable

Conditional Variable helps you to personalize at scale. So lets say you have 100 data. You want to add a like that people who have their phone number in the CRM, you want to tell them that.. “I will call you at 999061527 at 5pm” . However what to do for those whose number is not there. The system will enable you to create a condition of If this or else that. So if the phone number tab is vacant, then lets write .. “ may you please help me with your number to reach”


Template Manager

Like the way there has been lead scoring , same way there is a need of content scoring. Shortcuts and best practices can not override data. Which content has been working better and for what stage of sales. How many times this content has been delivered, how many has opened it historically and what is the engagement in the content. Did the content engage the IT department or Marketing. Did the content engage the seniors or juniors.

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